Taking care of our Academy Family


We all are feeling loss this year. Everything has changed: work, school, even the little things we took for granted like going to the grocery store or popping over to a friend's house.
*update here*

Here at the Academy we've really been feeling the lack of our community, our FAMILY!

One of our students had an amazing suggestion: Why not do a "Giving Tree" to support members of the Academy community who have been hit hard financially in 2020? The outpouring of support for this idea brought tears to my eyes. Now the "Tree" is up and running and you can support fellow Academy family members with a few simple clicks.

Here's how you can participate:

  • Drop off a donation to the Academy during your regular class time (registry item or gift card to stores like Target or Walmart).
  • Drop off a donation to the Academy Saturday December 19th between 10am and noon (registry item, gift card , or item from My Sister's Place donation list).
** So many of you have made purchases that we've had to add some items to the registry! **
What a beautiful "problem" to have. 
Many of these items will be donated to My Sister's Place, a shelter for women and children.
You can also bring in other items for My Sister's Place. They have a list of items they are in need of on their website here.

My Sister's Place: Mission

My Sisters’ Place is committed to ending homelessness by empowering women, families and others in Greater Hartford to achieve independence and stability in their community by providing housing and supportive services.


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