The family that TRAINS together STAYS together

    The Academy is called a "family friendly martial arts school" for a very good reason. We absolutely love when families train together!

Why is training as a family
better for everyone?

1) When you train as a family you make it a part of your family's routine. Healthy routines that are supported by the people around you are much more likely to stand the test of time and feel more like fun and less like work.

2) Having people around you who encourage your journey helps keep you motivated and excited about your training. Practicing at home is easy when you have a partner, and nothing keeps life exciting like suddenly practicing De-Ashi-Ari in your kitchen!


3) It keeps you accountable to yourself when you're also accountable to others. You can't simply skip a day when your kids/sibling/partner is counting on you for a ride to class!


4) The Academy has amazing deals for family tuition. 


 The first family member pays the very affordable regular tuition rate for their program. The second member pays a slightly lower monthly tuition, and the third member pays a little less than that. Any family  member after that pays the low, low, LOW price of $25/month. You absolutely CANNOT beat that!

Check out the most up to date tuition information here: 

   Academy Tuition


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