Win a star wars quilt and help the academy get through quarantine

Do you want to help a small family owned business?
Do you want to snuggle under an awesome Star Wars quilt this winter?

Here's how you can do both!

On December 16th the Academy will post on Facebook about all their programs in one big post. (HERE! CLICK HERE!)

Then on December 16th, 17th, and 18th you:
  • COMMENT on that post
  • SHARE that post & tag the Academy (otherwise we might not see it)
  • TAG A FRIEND in the comments
It turns out the last two aren't allowed on Facebook!!! Oopsie!

Here is the new list:
  • COMMENT and answer one of three questions in the post. (You get one entry for each question answered in separate comments.)
  • LIKE the post

You'll be entered to win each time you answer a question (up to three times) so go nuts!!

Winner will be drawn on Saturday December 19th.

ONE FINAL NOTE: If you would like to help support the Academy you can SHARE or TAG A FRIEND in the post, but it won't earn you another raffle entry (just our unending love!)

There are a lot of hilarious images out there... Go ahead, google "Star Wars Squirrels." You won't be disappointed.