Power Kids is the solution to Quaran-Winter

 What are the kids going to do when they can’t run in the yard, go for a bike ride or a walk?

What feels like the longest year ever is coming to a close, but the safety protocols and social distancing aren’t going away anytime soon. Winter is going to bring a new set of challenges for getting exercise.

How will your family stay healthy this Quaran-Winter?

The Academy knows what your kids need and we’re ready to help you get through this winter healthy and happy! Our new Power Kids program combines strength and balance, endurance, agility, and character development to build healthy habits for life. 

Whether your child is going into school every day, doing hybrid learning, or is home full-time it’s very likely that they aren’t getting the exercise that their growing bodies need. School-age children need a minimum of one hour of exercise per day including at least 3 days of aerobic exercise and 3 days of muscle and bone building exercise. Enrolling your child in a program like Power Kids at the Academy provides them with two days a week of vigorous exercise that also builds strength of mind as well as body!

Join us for one of our Power Kids classes, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00-5:45 or our homeschool classes on weekday mornings. These times or days don’t work for your family? The Academy also has martial arts classes and Jedi Warrior Training classes for kids, teens, and adults. Check out our full program offerings here.

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