Poomse Tuesday: Have you signed up yet?

Calling all adult martial arts students!

Since starting online martial arts classes the Academy has moved it's Poomse  practice to a dedicated class on Tuesdays. You may have some questions and we have the answers!

What is the Poomse class schedule?

Beginner Poomse: Every Tuesday 5:30-6:00pm.  This class covers White, Yellow, and Advanced Yellow belt forms). Lower belt students will learn their belt-level forms. All belt levels are encouraged to attend occasionally as a refresher on these forms.

Colored Belt Poomse: Every other Tuesday 6:00-7:00pm. This class covers Green belt through Advanced Red belt forms in 15 minute increments. Sign up for whichever forms you need to learn or want to review.

Black Belt Poomse: Every other Tuesday 6:00-7:00pm. This class covers 1st Dan through 3rd Dan and if time permits 4th Dan forms.

How do I attend these classes?

There is registration information in the “Student Portal” on the website. Each class has its own registration, and you can check the dates of the upcoming Colored Belt and Black Belt classes there. You’ll find the link to the online classes there as well.

Why do I need to learn Poomse?

Poomse are a combination of positions and moves that every Academy martial artist must master. The forms allow students to practice these skills connected together in fluid movements. At each belt level you’ll be tested on your new Poomse, but you may also be asked to perform past Poomse. Don’t let yourself get rusty!

Why not just practice during regular classes?

Pre-pandemic students would break out into groups and practice their belt-level Poomse in small groups with upper-belts as guides and instructors checking on each group to answer specific questions and give detailed instruction. When we're working with students in the Dojang and online we cannot break into small groups and practice all the forms simultaneously. So, we created specific times for focused instruction on each form with small groups of students.

How do I find information on my belt level Poomse?

You can find the information on all Poomse in the Curriculum Library (also on the “Student Portal” page of the website). Find your current belt level and choose “test requirements.” There you’ll find a list of all your test requirements including the Poomse you must learn before your test.