Academy students are awesome

The Academy is proud of the character development that is infused into every program we provide. Integrity, courage, respect, perseverance, and honesty are as essential to martial artists as physical skills.

We are so proud when our students show strength of character beyond the walls of our Dojang. We'd like to highlight the generosity and responsibility to those in need that two of our students have shown this fall when they donated their hair.

Nia Sunith and Kadence Ranger are dedicated martial arts students. Kadence attends the Academy's Enhanced After School program as did Nia, prior to March 2020. Nia and Kadence both continue to attend martial arts classes during quarantine, Nia takes class online and Kadence takes class in-person.

We are so incredibly proud of both of these awesome kids. Thank you Kadence and Nia for being so generous and thoughtful.

As we say at the Academy: 1-2-3 YOU ROCK!


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