Quarantraining at the Academy: 2020 Won't Get Us Down!

The empty Academy, waiting for Quarantraining.

The Academy has been a staple in the Manchester Community for 25 years. They have been providing so much more than just a physical training program in Korean martial arts. The owner of the school, Grandmaster Joel Waldron, is an exceptional person. In addition to running the Academy he is also a life coach and it shows in every corner of the Academy.

Traditionally, there is a spiritual aspect to martial arts and Master Waldron definitely has embraced that aspect of teaching and learning martial arts, but he’s taken it to the next level. At the Academy you are competing against yourself and only yourself. The support and encouragement from the instructors and students creates an environment where everyone, regardless of where they are starting from, can thrive! Master Waldron has created a community of students and instructors that truly feels like a second family.

Focusing on character development at our old location (pre-Quarantraining).

The Academy is currently offering some small, socially distanced classes in the building for youth and adult martial artists, Jedi Warrior classes, and cardio kickboxing. The martial arts classes are live-streamed so that students can participate at home. Instructors regularly address the at-home participants directly and offer tips and advice as they watch the students live via Zoom. (Check out this article about how they ran the Black Belt test in October!) They were offering outdoor training every other Saturday for students who crave the personal interaction of an in-person class until the unpredictable (and often cold and wet) New England weather made it too difficult.

Getting ready for a socially distant drive up belt ceremony.

Martial arts classes are not all The Academy offers. The Enhanced After School program is a dynamic program that combines martial arts training, character development, physical recreation, alongside outstanding academic support and a healthy learning environment. After students are picked up from their schools by Academy staff, they dive right into their daily homework. The after school program has several certified teachers who assist students with their homework as needed and offer one-on-one tutoring when students require extra help. The character development present in the martial arts classes that promote personal responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, and respect are reinforced through directed lessons, but, more importantly, in every interaction between students and staff.

The pandemic has hit small businesses that rely on in-person contact very hard. Please support The Academy by liking us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as following our blog where we share articles about all aspects of personal development. Better yet, why not join us for an online or in-person class and experience what The Academy Community is all about?


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